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The Road to Rights International is a youth led organization established in 2009 in Sri Lanka is the evolution of a childhood dream, to serve humanity from the age of 8, aimed at supporting and empowering young people on creating opportunities, skills development, creativity and innovation by taking a Human rights based approach towards Peace and Development.

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Human rights are the rights that every person is entitled to simply by virtue of being human. At the root of the human rights concept is the idea that all people should be able to live with dignity.


The Road to Rights International believes in Human Rights is for everyone! Come join us Celebrate Human Rights by being a part of "The Road to Rights" !

Who we are

The Road to Rights International is a youth led organization established in 2009 in Sri Lanka is the evolution of a childhood dream, to serve humanity from the age of 8, aimed at supporting and empowering young people on creating opportunities, skills development, creativity and innovation by taking a Human rights based approach towards Peace and Development. Human rights education promotes values, beliefs and attitudes that encourage all individuals to uphold their own rights and those of others. It develops an understanding of everyone's common responsibility to make human rights a reality in each community. “The Road to Rights” a platform to expose abilities, whatever the abilities they maybe because every individual comes to this world with a special skill, we believe in bringing and helping them take right use of it. The Road to Rights create awareness, and promote advocacy for the communities through community and social development programs. The advocacy is directed to guiding children, youth & women, who he believes; need to understand their rights and responsibilities based on core values, attitudes, and skills, if they wish to play a role in shaping their lives, to serve their communities, and their nations as the next generation of future leaders. Key avenues of The Road to Rights to empower youth children and women addressing social issues including Gender inequality, Poverty, Climate issues;

  • Human Rights Education.
  • Education (Skills, Knowledge and Attitudes.
  • Environmental Sustainability.
  • Sport for Peace and Development.
  • Arts for Peace and Development.
  • ICT, Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship.

What we do

The Road to Rights working on empowering youth, children and women through various form of activities and create awareness, promote advocacy for the communities through community and social development programs including open forums, Conferences, Workshops, Capacity building programs and social media campaigns. The Road to Rights believes in bringing youth people and communities together to ensure peace and development. Sport and Art programs are two major programs that road to rights is working on engaging people to educate them on their rights, responsibilities and empower them through activities. Purposeful Play, Senses and Soul, Knowyourrights.lk , iLead, YouthVote, Human Rights Friendly Cities, Rock the City, Green Girls are a few campaigns of the road to rights to addresses different social issues in achieving peace and development.

Sub Organizations

Purposeful Play

"Purposeful Play" is a global youth led Platform under the banner of “The Road to Rights” initiated with the vision of using sport as a tool for peace building and development. The movement was founded in 2009 as “The United Cup”. We are known to have accomplished “Difficult things in Different places” including worldwide projects in Nepal, Bangladesh, Afghanistan and India when it comes to spreading our message. We seek to empower individuals, develop skills and educate them about social ethics and their responsibilities towards the community. We believe that the power of sports go beyond the boundaries of a play field. It can change lives and impact communities.
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Art for Peace and Development

Arts, broadly defined as aesthetics, play a vital role in taking the message of human rights to the society hence building peace with and within people. We believe that Art, especially visual art, have the power to mobilize a society towards peace or conflict. Therefore our hope and vision is to use Art as a tool in evoking peaceful emotions within our communities while contributing towards Development and Human Rights Education. Art has a broader function in defining us and modifying our views of ourselves and our societies. Innate creativity is a provenance of human achievement. A child who is exposed to the arts at a young age has the potential to become a more creative, imaginative, expressive, confident, self-reliant and critically thinking individual. Several forms of art, including visual art, are widely recognized as universal languages that can serve as tools of communication across language barriers. Art is also an effective media to promote understanding: to open one’s mind to the world through art avoids coloring one’s perceptions with new and old conflicts. Through art, an individual can make emotional connections that invoke compassion and develop empathy. Art possesses the power to heal, inspire and unify humanity across the globe
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About the Founder

Ashan Perera

Ashan Perera is a youth leader and has led his own youth movements for 16 years from the age of 8. Serving his community, working with the underprivileged and taking Sri Lanka out to the world through the work he has been doing, has been Ashans mission thus far. Ashan’s effort has been incessant since a very young age which has been his calling, to choose this path to serve humanity that has not gone un-noticed. He commenced this journey by driving a vision that led him to form his first ‘Club’ as a young boy in his back yard, and from there on evolved over time to reach its present status, conducting his work under the name ‘The Road to Rights’. The organization encompasses all that is required to contribute to his work, which focuses on Value Based Education.

Ashan is an advocate of many inspiring programs pertaining to the ‘Rights’ of youth. His sensitivity towards his opinion of how he sees ‘Human Rights’ is NOT about Violation and Violence but pursues to find various avenues to contribute to the future of his generation, built upon meaningful VALUES that would be accessible and serve the Humanitarian needs of others. He believes that these are the tools that we should also use to empower and be empowered, and through his work find ways that would contribute to Children, Youth, World Peace, Human Rights, and Humanitarian& Voluntary Services.


Advisors and Directors

Mr. Ravi Karkara – Global Youth Advisor

Ravi Karkara is a trained social worker with commitment to advance human rights, participation, inclusion and gender equality, accountability and social justice. He serves as a Senior Adviser Strategic Partnership & Advocacy to the Assistant Secretary-General/Deputy Executive Director of UN-Women. He has worked with several organizations on gender mainstreaming with a specific focus on children, youth, women - UN Women, UNICEF, Save the Children among others -successfully advocating the role of boys and men in gender equality from a life-cycle and gender transformative approach. He is also the recipient of prestigious NOVUS Award, that unites global shapers from around the world to tackle the today's grand challenges via actionable change.


Bruce Ferguson – Global Coordinator and Partnerships – Mentor

Bruce Ferguson, Founder and Executive Director of Ferguson Humanitarian Foundation International, Inc. (more commonly known as FHFI).

Bruce was born, in San Francisco, high on a hill, in mid summer of 1953 and shortly thereafter moved to India with his mother in 1957 at the age of 4½. He and his mother lived in India for the following 10 years. Bruce’s mother taught at a Christian boarding school, Woodstock School, high in the Himalayas, still ranked as one of the best preparatory schools in the world.


Proffesor andré de quadros –
Advisor , Director Art for Peace and Development (senses and Soul)

André de Quadros, conductor, ethnomusicologist, music educator, writer, and human rights activist has conducted and undertaken research in over forty countries around the globe.

A sought after conductor and clinician, André de Quadros is Music Director and Conductor of the Manado State University Choir (Indonesia) with which he toured France, Sweden, Sri Lanka, and Poland in 2010 winning a first prize at the Warsaw International Competition, and in summer 2012 took the US by storm at the Yale International Choral Festival, New York City's River to River Festival, and engagements in Boston, Cincinnati, and Los Angeles. Upcoming engagements for MSUC include appearances at the Choralies festival in the south of France in August 2013 and the World Symposium on Choral Music in Korea in 2014. De Quadros’s previous conducting engagements of note include the National Philharmonic Orchestra of Bulgaria with which he toured Spain, the Massachusetts All-State Chorus (USA), the Tanglewood Institute Young Artists Orchestra (USA), the Prokofiev Symphony Orchestra (Ukraine), the National Youth Choirs of Great Britain, the Nusantara Chamber Orchestra (Indonesia), the Moscow State Radio Symphony Orchestra, the New Monash Orchestra, and the Jauna Muzika Choir (Lithuania).


Haadia Galley – The Coordinator – Mentor