Founder Details

Ashan Perera

Ashan Perera is a youth leader and has led his own youth movements for 16 years from the age of 8. Serving his community, working with the underprivileged and taking Sri Lanka out to the world through the work he has been doing, has been Ashans mission thus far. Ashan’s effort has been incessant since a very young age which has been his calling, to choose this path to serve humanity that has not gone un-noticed. He commenced this journey by driving a vision that led him to form his first ‘Club’ as a young boy in his back yard, and from there on evolved over time to reach its present status, conducting his work under the name ‘The Road to Rights’. The organization encompasses all that is required to contribute to his work, which focuses on Value Based Education.

Ashan is an advocate of many inspiring programs pertaining to the ‘Rights’ of youth. His sensitivity towards his opinion of how he sees ‘Human Rights’ is NOT about Violation and Violence but pursues to find various avenues to contribute to the future of his generation, built upon meaningful VALUES that would be accessible and serve the Humanitarian needs of others. He believes that these are the tools that we should also use to empower and be empowered, and through his work find ways that would contribute to Children, Youth, World Peace, Human Rights, and Humanitarian& Voluntary Services.

Ashan Perera, an alumni of one of the most prestigious public schools in the country; Royal College; is a Youth leader, Youth Activist and Human Rights Advocate of Sri Lanka. Ashan in these past few years has devoted his entire life to serving society. Many doors have opened to him to seek and discuss possibilities on how he could realize this vision and to achieve his goals. He has been successful in many areas by working concurrently with government and none governmental organizations both in Sri Lanka as well through his International collaborations which he have been successful in establishing over these past few years.

Ashan’s unique work captured the attention of many. Some of the high points of his work were proven in being selected as a Senate Member of The National Youth Parliament of Sri Lanka and in 2012, He was awarded the ‘International Human Rights Hero Award’ in Brussels as the first-ever Asian and Sri Lanka, as an honor to the recognition of his contributions made to world peace, human rights and children both in his motherland and internationally. He was also awarded and recognized as one of the JCI Ten Outstanding Young Persons in Sri Lanka in 2014. He also represented his country as the Asia ambassador at the International Youth NGO Summit 2015 held in Chennai, India. He also has experience serving as a Committee member at the International Gathering for Peace and Human Rights in AFRICA. He was a contributor to the drafting of the National Youth Policy, the Colombo Declaration on Youth, the SAARC Youth Charter and the National Policy and Strategy on Health of Young Persons in Sri Lanka. He is the Global Youth Advocate for United Nations MY World 2015 SDGs related Campaign and is also the Global Youth Advocate for the United Nations HeforShe Campaign. These are merely a few of the accolades he has received over the numerous years of his journey.

Ashan has proved that having initiated a series of ‘Clubs’ to serve the local community as a young boy from the age of 8 has not only given him the ability experience the many discipline required to make the right decision and choices but has also proved that he has what it takes to ‘Reach out’ with kindness and compassion.

He is a social entrepreneur leading social innovation in the non-profit sector and startup conceptualization with years of experience at National and international level. Well-versed in leadership positions for years, with excellent track records in delivering operational strategies that are coupled with process excellence & human factors which generated bottom-line results and change management. His high caliber enables him to engage with key stakeholders in order to create social impact. Instrumental in creating, leading and driving high-performing teams starting from the operational grades to managerial grades in achieving enhanced objectives.

“We have the power to affect change, while I believe I have the capacity to influence the positive development of the human mind through positive change; together we have the power to reach out as a unified global network of youth representing our nations to be ‘A Voice for the Voiceless and Affect Change’ for Peace and Global Harmony in our societies”

– Ashan Perera-