Executive | Chapter Coordinating Department

We are looking for a talented youth who is good in coordinating aspects, organization etc. This is your chance to coordinate our sub organisations in universities , districts and also the chapters in the global arena. If you are a youth who is passionate enough, Join our team now !!


International Chapter Coordinator

  • Chapter coordinator / the Country Coordinator (C.C) is responsible for conducting the Road to Rights mission in the relevant country.
  • Is responsible for the entire governing process of the organisation.
  • C.C must cooperate with the Sri Lankan main Road to Rights hub where he/she will be informed about the projects that the mission should do.
  • Each and every aspect should be reported to the main hub in Sri Lanka. (Meeting minutes, suggested project proposal ( should obtain the recommendation ) etc.)
  • The Road to Rights Chapter in the relevant country cannot misuse the organisation for any reason whatsoever. The Country Coordinator will be held responsible.

Local Chapter Coordinator (L.C.C) + Assistant L.C

  • Is responsible for all the local chapters in Sri Lanka.
  • He /she will handle local chapters which includes school clubs and universities. They will be given a target to fulfil ( establishing local chapters ) during their term.
  • Must have records of each chapter and suggest projects and activities for them to engage in.


  • Excellent organisational and leadership skills
  • Outstanding communication
  • New and innovative ideas
  • Ability to work under pressure and meet deadlines.

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